Elixir & Phoenix on tap

The easiest way to configure and deploy Elixir & Phoenix applications without containers.

"How do I deploy an Elixir application?"

How many times have you searched for the latest guide on deploying Elixir and Phoenix apps?

You've probably followed one like this before. It's a really good guide! It's also 4,993 words (that's 20 pages) long. After a few hours, or a couple of days, you got it working. A few things went off the rails in the middle but Stack Overflow helped you sort it all out.

Now you have to do it again for a new server.

How do you feel about that?

Imagine instead that you click a button.

Magically, your server is connected. Oh look, it's being configured according to your app's exact needs!

And what's this? A release of your app is automatically being built on matching architecture - gosh that's convenient.

You sip your coffee once and see your app is deployed and the database is migrated. One final message shines out at you:

App successfully deployed! All Health Checks Passed.

What a great day this is turning out to be.

It can't possibly handle every case that well.

It doesn't!

Tap.works isn't intended to be the ultimate jack of all trades for deploying applications. It doesn't provide CI, work with other languages, or deploy containers. It's not a CDN, git server, or static site host.

It deploys Elixir & Phoenix apps really, really well - without sacrificing the best parts of OTP - and it's incredibly easy to use.

So what exactly is Tap.works?

Tap.works is a paid platform for deploying Elixir & Phoenix applications to your own servers without containers. It configures your servers, builds your app, and deploys it. It also gives you an easy dashboard to manage it all.

Servers, not containers.

Containers are great but they're meant to be stateless and expendable. Some of Elixir's greatest strengths revolve around stateful persistence, self-healing, and reliability.

Deploying Elixir with containers can mean losing out on the greatest benefits of both technologies. If you care about that, Tap.works is for you.

Tap.works configures a raw server to your needs, as well as managing and building releases for you. It allows your app to make the most of Elixir and OTP, with less effort than it takes to work with containers.

If you're still looking for container deployment instead, Tap.works is not what you want. Try Gigalixer, a heroku-like host designed especially for Elixir apps.

Many apps on one server,
or many servers for one app.

Tap.works lets you deploy as many apps on one server as you want. Want to setup multiple phoenix apps on the same server behind nginx? No problem. Tap.works will configure it all for you.

Alternatively, you can deploy as many instances of the same app across as many servers as you'd like, making full use of OTP.

All you need is love, and a git repo.

Tap.works uses git to pull down your code and build it on the architecture you're deploying it to. You'll be given an SSH key to add to your git host and Tap.works can handle it from there. Click to deploy any version of your code.

If you have an existing server, Tap.works can configure and deploy through an SSH connection. If you don't have a server, Tap.works can create and configure a Digital Ocean droplet for you. Other providers will be available in the future too.

Convenience above all.

Tap.works will always be about making things as convenient as possible for you. That means it makes every attempt to keep you from having to SSH into a server or read any docs.

It handles things like automatic Lets Encrypt SSL certficates, automatic database creation, migrations management, and access to logs. In the future, features like cloning servers and instances will be available at the click of a button.

Tap.works is intended to be the fastest and easiest way to deploy Elixir out there.

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Who's building this thing?

Just me, Carter Bryden, your friendly neighborhood Elixir developer. I deploy a lot of Phoenix applications, and haven't been happy with the deployment options out there. You may have heard my voice on the Indielixer podcast as I talk about working with Elixir on a variety of projects.

Want to tell me how to make this better? Tweet me @carterbryden or email me at carter@tap.works - I'm all ears.

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